Diary: Rotary Racer X Build

2017-01-23: More Framework

The remainding tubes were drilled and we began bolting them together. Result:

2017-01-16: Drilling Tubes

The bolts of the tubes were shortened (to reduce weight, increasing our speed by a very small percentage (or that's the plan)).

Meanwhile the tubes were drilled, mostly in the right places (again the holes in the wrong places were obviously to reduce weight loss...).

2017-01-09: More Tubes

The long side tubes were bent, with use of a bending machine.

Many more tubes were cut and the bungs hammered into the ends of them.

2016-12-13: Christmas Jumper Day

Cutting of the tubes using a combination of saws and lathes.

2016-11-28: Naming the Tubes

After getting the plans out for RRX, the tubes were all named (after memebrs of the team and inspirational people ;) )


2016-11-07: Wheel Build

In groups of two, we began building the wheels. This involved threading the spokes through the centerpiece and screwing them into the rim, which became harder as we continued. This was followed by truing the wheels to make sure they span straight. After this, we've added 4 new wheels to the Rotary Racer family: Bob (the minion), Will (the wheel), Cone (the first to hit a cone) and Our G.