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Greenpower Driving Simulator

The idea is to produce a Greenpower Driving simulator to help new team members learn to drive a Greenpower car in a race.

The unit will have a car like box that the driver can sit in, joystick controls like Rotary Racer 9 and a simple software simulation of the car racing around a track with Greenpower car like physics.

For a video of the driving simulator, go to First Go in the Driving Simulator

You can also see more details on the diary section of our website!


Hi there, Tristan here! smiley

So, we have progressed a lot with the simulator; we have got a basic simulator at the moment inside a 'lil box... not much a simulator at the momment, but here's what has been completed:

  • A 'Greenpower Test Track' has been added so it can be selected
  • Cars have been added including previous Rotary Racer cars and lots of other cars - stay tuned here for more info!
  • We have acheived a wooden box that can hold up to 3 monitors.
  • We have an old pc case... with modern parts inside!
  • We are using the open source Speed Dreams 2 software on the Linux OS.

That's All Folks! Check back next week to get an update!

--Tristan (Part of the GP Sim Team!)

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We designed and then build and developed a Greenpower car driving simulator.