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28/08/2018 RotaryRacerUpdating

We are currently updating this website. Please bear with us. In the meantime please visit our social media pages (links at the top of this page).

11/06/2014 RotaryRacerPlusGoodwood 8th June 2014

A great first race for the team, 2nd place for Rotary Racer and 6th place for ByPod, completing 38.4 miles and 31.2 miles respectively at average speeds of 37.6mph and 29.2mph. Looking forward to the next race!

09/06/2014 GpDrivingSimStatus Update: 09/06/2014

Hi there, Tristan here! smiley

So, we have progressed a lot with the simulator; we have got a basic simulator at the moment inside a 'lil box... not much a simulator at the momment, but here's what has been completed:

  • A 'Greenpower Test Track' has been added so it can be selected
  • Cars have been added including previous Rotary Racer cars and lots of other cars - stay tuned here for more info!
  • We have acheived a wooden box that can hold up to 3 monitors.
  • We have an old pc case... with modern parts inside!
  • We are using the open source Speed Dreams 2 software on the Linux OS.

That's All Folks! Check back next week to get an update!

--Tristan (Part of the GP Sim Team!)

20/12/2013 RotaryRacerPlusMerry Christmas

We've finished Greenpower for the Christmas and have some time to relax! Sponsorship letters have been completed and are being sent out soon. Hopefully we'll be back here after Christmas with some money! :)

Merry Christmas everyone, and a happy new year! :)

Dawn - Process

12/11/2013 RotaryRacerPlusMeeting 11/11/13

The team has had a quick look at ByPod and checked that it still works. It's looking good so far but now we have to overcome the issue of transport...

22/10/2012  Test