Greenpower Electrics and Electronics


It goes without saying that designing and building a Greenpower car will involve electrics, being an electric car. However it can also, optionaly, use electronic circuits. It must be said that it is not at all necessary to use electronics in a Greenpower car to do very well and get large milleages, however its use can improve consistancy, get a few percent more distance by being able to take the full energy from the batteries, provide information allowing car development and is educational.

This set of information is designed to give people a basic understanding of the use of electrics and electronics in a Greenpower car. This information is based on the experience of past and present Greenpower team members at Chipping Sodbury School and on searching the web and other material for information. It may not be completely correct ...

Electrics the Basics

This gives some information on what electrons are all about.

Electonics the basics

This takes the electrics info and adds to it for basic electronics systems.

Greenpower Car Electrics

Greenpower Car Electronics

Example Circuits