GpSpeed Command Line Download


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GpSpeed Command Line Download

This is a very simple command line program. It sends a command to the Picaxe when it is run asking it to send all of the data it has in it's log. This is read into the Laptop/PC and saved to a data.csv file on the hard disk. This file can be used with many data analysis programs including simple spread sheet programs like Libreoffice Calc, kst2 or Microsoft Excel.

The program is written in Python 2.7 and only requires some basic Python libraries which includes pyserial for the serial port access.

It sends a command to the GpSpeed to download the data logs and reads these line by line. It re-formats the fields a little before storing them in the data file. It reformats the time to a correct ISO date time and converts the fixed point numbers to floating point format.

To use:

Program the GpSpeed with the example data loggin program (Or your full GpSpeed with data logging abilities program): “picaxe28x2 gpspeed-demo-datalog.bas”

To find out usage of the program:

Run: “python gpspeed-datalog.py2”

To Download the datalog:

Run: “python gpspeed-datalog.py2 data.csv”

This will download the data log and store the data in the file “data.csv” in the current directory. There is an option “-d <serialport>” that allows you to use a different serial port the the default “/dev/ttyUSB0”.

To set the GpSpeeds date and time:

Run: “python gpspeed-datalog.py2 -t”


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