GpSpeed GUI Telemetry


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New joystick in production
New joystick in production

GpSpeed GUI Telemetry

This is a simple GUI program. It openes up a serial port and reads GpSpeed data lines and plots them in the graphs.

The program is written in Python 2.7 and requires some basic Python libraries which includes pyserial for the serial port access and the wxWidgets and matplotlib libraries..

To use:

Program the GpSpeed with the example telemetry program (Or your full GpSpeed with telemetry abilities program):

Run “picaxe28x2 gpspeed-demo-telemetry.bas”

Then run this program

Run: “python gpspeed-datalog-gui.py2”

This will show the data as it comes in and plots it. There is an option “-d <serialport>” that allows you to use a different serial port the the default “/dev/ttyUSB0”.

Further Development

This is a simple program. There's a lot more you can do by extending it. Some ideas:

  1. It only plots some of the data fields sent by the GpSpeed. You can add more.

  2. The layout of the plots can be changed.

  3. It could do calculations on the data and display results.

  4. The filename to save into could be user entered in a dialog and/or saved in a configuration file.


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