Picaxe under Linux


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Sewing battery handles
Sewing battery handles

Picaxe under Linux

This provides some basic information on how to build and download programs for the picaxe microcontrollers under the Linux operating system.
Picaxe provide simple command line compilers/downloaders one for each chip type.
The Picaxe Basic programs can be edited with any text editor or IDE of which there are a lot of options under Linux. Picaxe provides a syntax description file for the Kate editor which helps when editing the programs.


Edit the program with the text editor and then in a terminal window enter a suitable command to compile and download the program to the Picaxe. An example for the Picaxe 28x2 is:
picaxe28x2 file.bas
This will compile the program and download over the /dev/ttyUSB0 serial port.
The command line tools take various options. Using the "-h" flag with the command will list those options.

Serial debug terminal

Using the "-t" flag will tell the compiler/downloader to keep the serial port open and print out any debug lines. This will only work with those parts that use a 4800 baud sertxd command.