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09/06/2014 GpDrivingSimStatus Update: 09/06/2014

Hi there, Tristan here! smiley

So, we have progressed a lot with the simulator; we have got a basic simulator at the moment inside a 'lil box... not much a simulator at the momment, but here's what has been completed:

  • A 'Greenpower Test Track' has been added so it can be selected
  • Cars have been added including previous Rotary Racer cars and lots of other cars - stay tuned here for more info!
  • We have acheived a wooden box that can hold up to 3 monitors.
  • We have an old pc case... with modern parts inside!
  • We are using the open source Speed Dreams 2 software on the Linux OS.

That's All Folks! Check back next week to get an update!

--Tristan (Part of the GP Sim Team!)