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Rotary Racer Chipping Sodbury Secondary School



The aims of the Greenpower initiative is to promote engineering and technology as exciting careers, to those aged 9-21. The concept for their F24 race is for teams of secondary school pupils, their parents and teachers to design, build, develop and race highly efficient "green" electric racing cars. The pupils are exposed to many facets of engineering and other disciplines in doing this. These include:


  1. Research and the science of designing efficient, low power, cars.
  2. Mechanical design.
  3. Electrical and electronic design.
  4. Development and production of a real car employing metal, wood and composite materials amongst others.
  5. Team meetings and team work.
  6. Media production for promotion of the team and sponsorship.
  7. Team discipline and working together to race the car in a race.
  8. Working on a real project with the parents and teachers.
  9. Racing an electric car around large race circuits such as Goodwood.


Welding Motor Plates
Chipping Sodbury School, under the direction of Brendan McMorrow - a Design Technology teacher, been involved in the Greenpower initiative for many years. Many previous team members have gone on to careers in engineering at all levels. The school currently has 4 individual teams with a minimum of 6 pupils which the support of their parents in each. The teams are Rotary Racer, The Pod Movement, Team Alderley Express and Chain Reaction. We meet on Monday or Thursday evenings in the school's Design and Technology rooms. The teams have been very successful to date producing a number of innovative cars that have performed well in the races. For more information we have the following websites:

Greenpower Organisation
School Car Development
Some Pictures



Unfortunately, as with most things, we need money, materials and support in order to continue with this initiative. There is no funding except from sponsors. As a result we are always looking for sponsors to assist us in whatever ways they can. In return we offer advertising on our cars and on our various publications including our web site and newspaper articles. It is also possible to come and watch the racing at the various circuits used through the year. It costs around £750 to basically run a team for a year. This includes the cost of tyres, batteries,new motors, spares and entering the races. To actually build a new car, which each team tries to do every 3 years or so costs extra depending on the materials costs. This can be from £1500. Any donation would be gratefully accepted with a mention on our web pages and a logo on the car.

If you would like information on sponsoring one or more of our teams please contact:

Name: Carla McMorrow
Address: Chipping Sodbury School, Bowling Road, Chipping Sodbury, Bristol, BS37 6EW
Tel: 01454 862900
Fax: 01454 862901