This page is devoted to the Chipping Sodbury's School Rotary Racer Greenpower electric car.

This efficient electric racing car has been designed, built and raced by pupils at Chipping Sodbury School in the Greenpower schools challenge. It has previously been "International Champions" of the 2015 season at the final in Rockingham as well as national champions in 2009, 2011, 2012 and 2013. The team are currently 5th internationally.Greenpower cars race in 1.5 hour sprint-style races on full size racing circuits and generally average a speed of around 30mph. They achieve equivalent MPG values of greater than 3000 MPG. The aim of Greenpower is to promote enginerring & technology as exciting careers to those aged 9-25. The concept is for teams to design, build, develop and race highly efficient "green" electric racing cars.

The F24 team consists of Tom (Turbo Tom), Ben (nickname tbc), Daniel (Danaldo), William (nickname tbc), Alfie (nickname tbc), Fiona (nickname tbc), Noah (nickname tbc) and Elliot (nickname tbc). The F24+ team consists of Joe (Josephina the Ballerina). Our social media and sponsorship team consists of Ellie, Emma and Jeff. The parents who give up their time to help build the car are Terry, Martin Ken, Kate, Si and Rob. 

If you ever want to see us race, follow us on social media to be notified of when we race, or contact the team via email (available at the bottom of this page).


Our fab sponsors!

These are the amazing sponors who support Rotary Racer's car and team! If you're interested in becoming one, get in touch!

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Weekly Updates

  • 28/08/18: We are currently working on updating this website. Please bear with us. In the mean time please visit our social media accounts which are linked at the top of this page.
  • 30/01/16: Nothing to see here!


  • 03/10/16: Lots happening! We're fixing up our mirrors to try and match the ambigous new regulations and getting ready for a special project... ;) Stay tuned!
  • 27/09/16: A great race day at the local race track Castle Combe, two 1st places in F24 and 3rd in F24+! The team also managed to keep its position of best Gloucestershire team. Well done to everyone who participated and took part in the event, and hopefully see you at the final! 
  • 24/09/16: Produce GpSpeed data log download and telemetry example software in Python. This is at: GreenpowerSoftware
  • 08/09/16 - We will be helping out at the Chipping Sodbury School open evening so year 7s come along and see us! 
  • 28/06/16 - A 2nd and a 5th at Rockingham! Thank you to Apec who had their simulator at the event and raised us £100! 
  • 05/05/16 - Sorry about the lack of updates here! We've been working very hard on both the car and the website - and we're going to attend a test day on Monday evening! Busy busy busy here at Rotary Racer! 
  • Video on why schools need DT: Video
  • INTERNATIONAL CHAMPIONS EVERYONE ERMAHGERD WE DID IT!! Check out our small video of the final: Rockingham 2015 and have a look at a rundown of the final: Video. Thanks all :)
  • 29/09/15 - Rotary Racer has qualified for the final in top position! Now we've got to try and beat the curse of number 1 again... 
  • 27/092015 - 1st in both F24 races and 3rd in F24+ at Castle Combe race track. Amazing achievement for the team. Have a look at a small video from the day Video!
  • 20/09/15 - 1st in both F24 races at Dunsfold and 5th in F24+ with a puncture in the last couple of laps. Tremendous achievement from the team and now we're all looking forward to Castle Combe! Click Video to see a video of the day made by the team.
  • 01/07/15 - 1st and 2nd in F24 and 4th in F24+ at the Rockingham heat. An excellent day out for the team and all managed to cope with temperatures of up to 38.5 degreescelsius! The team also won the siemens digital award, amazing!
  • 20/06/15 - 1st and 4th places in each F24 race and 2nd in F24+ at RNAS Merryfield. The team also won the portfolio award for the work that has been put into this website - congrats team, keep it up! A race report is now available here.
  • 14/06/15 - The team got 2nd and 1st place in each F24 race at Goodwood. Incredible achivement with it being the first race for some of our new drivers.



We have made the electronic speed controller used in Rotary Racer into a pupil buildable and programmable kit and are selling this to any Greenpower teams that are interested. As well as performing as an electronic motor speed controller, the kit can be developed by the teams into a full electronics control system for Greenpower cars with displays, data logging, GPS and telemetry etc.

More info is at: http://www.greenpower.beamweb.co.uk/groups/electronics/GpSpeed.



General Information

Car Development


For more videos go to our social media pages shown at the top of this page.

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If you have any questions about the car, our team or anything in general, feel free to get in contact via email, at rotaryracer@greenpower.beamweb.co.uk! If you want a particular parent or student, please specify within the email subject line. Otherwise, it'll be whoever reads it first!

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